Rolwaling trek

Situated between the Everest and Langtang regions is the stunning Rolwaling Valley gazes at the mid-Eastern Himalayas. It was here that British mountaineer Eric Shipton first photographed Yeti footprints in 1951. This is home to famous peaks such as Mount Ghauri Shankar (7134m), Dorje Lakpa, and many others. A few miles south of the Tibetan border, it is known as one of the seven hidden valleys in the Himalaya, and home to Tsho-Rolpa, the largest Glacier Lake in Nepal. This is a wild and barely explored district where legendary tales of the abominable snowman, known as the "Yeti", haunt the imagination of climbers.


Very few tourists visit this special area due to its remote location and basic facilities. Those who venture are rewarded  with pristine mountain views and of more than thirty peaks over 6000 meters, and over 526 species of plants, 40 species of orchids and 300 species of birds. A habitat for various wild animals including many kinds of monkeys, the Himalayan Tahr, Gaur, Musk Deer, and Himalayan Black Bear.

Rolwaling Trekking
Rolwaling Trekking

Trekking Options in Rolwaling 

Rolwaling Valley 14-21 days (Moderate - Hard)

Now possible as a Tea House trek, visitors enjoy the traditional homes and villages of these Sherpa people. A gentle rising and falling trail through beautiful Alpine pastures, always in the sight of the mountains. The longer option includes falls, as it makes its way to the Glacial Lake of Tsho-Rolpa.


Rolwaling to Namche 23 days (Hard)

After enjoying the beauty of the Rolwaling Valley and Tsho-Rolpa, the trail crosses the difficult crossing Tashi Lapcha pass (5755m) linking to the Everest region. Technical mountaineering skills and camping equipment are required for this incredible adventure. 

'Karma was an exceptional bridge to accessing local people's daily lives and taking us to spectacular places.'

Emma, South Africa

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'My sister met Karma 12 years ago & I am the fifth member of my family to trek with him. He truly is a wonderful guide.'

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