Mustang - the 'Forbidden Kingdom'


The 'forbidden kingdom' of Mustang was only opened to trekkers in 1992. This beautiful high desert region has lured trekkers ever since. With the opportunity to visit the seat of an ancient kingdom dating back to the 15th century.


Situated close to the Tibetan border, the area was a regular route for traders, monks and religious masters passing between Tibet and India, or between Ladakh and Bhutan, producing a legacy of thriving art and culture.

Now, for the first time in recent history, foreign travellers are able to visit Lo Manthang. The Kingdom of La is situated along the north central border of Nepal north of the main range of the Himalayan's in the upper reaches of Mustang District. Lo and the area directly to its south, called Baragaon, which both fall within Upper Mustang, can be claimed as one of the most outstanding areas of the Himalaya.  It is only possible to enter with an organised group.


The walled city still stands as a testimony to Lo-Mangtang's prosperity and rich cultural heritage. The area is part of the Tibetan plateau, and is high, dry and beautiful.


Trekking Options in Mustang


Classic upper Mustang 15 days (Easy)

To the ancient walled city of Lo-Mangtang. 


Mustang Circuit 17 days (Moderate)

Combining the classic highlights of the Mustang region, with the chance to visit some additional Mustang villages and the holy fires of the Buddhist & Hindu site Muktinath. 


Mustang & Annapurna 22 days

Beginning with the Upper Mustang trail, and finishing with some of the best parts of the Annapurna circuit. A great option for those who do not want to miss anything! 

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