Dolpo - The 'Hidden Valley'

The best known of the  isolated high Himalayan valleys, Dolpo was closed to trekkers until 1989.  On Nepal's northwestern fronteir with Tibet, Dolpo  best preserved examples of Tibetan Buddhism in the world, having escaped the cultural revolution in China. In fact, people living in certain pockets of the religion practice Bon Po, an animistic religion that pre-dates Buddhism and which, some believe, is actually the precursor to Tibetan Buddhism as we know it.

Legend says it's one of the "hidden valleys" created by Guru Rinpoche as a refuge for devout Buddhists in troubled times. Surrounded by high mountains, including the Dhaulagiri massif to the south-east, and cut off by high passes closed by snow half the year. The lives of Dolpoli people revolve around Buddhism, barley, and yaks. Their villages sitting at over 4,200m are among the highest settlements on earth. A large portion of Dolpo has been set aside as the largest national park in Nepal, sheltering blue sheep, Himalayan black bear, leopards, wolves, and the exotic snow leopard. Opened to trekkers in 1989 it is now possible to explore the region staying in basic tea houses and homestays. 

Upper Dolpo: Around Dolpo Valley 21 days (Moderate - Hard)
The trail follows the Suli Gad River passing through thick conifer forests and traditional villages, rising to the stunning Alpine Phoksumdo Lake at 3,627m. Upper Dolpo is an extension of the Tibetan Plateau, with the same wild, windswept, open spaces characteristic of Tibet. An exciting trail with something to always catch your eye in traditional surroundings. 

Lower Dolpo 21 days (Moderate to Hard)

Lower Dolpo,  is thickly forested with conifers and cut by rushing rivers. The region was declared a National Park in 1984, making it Nepal's largest National Park and the only one encompassing a Trans-Himalayan eco-system. 

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