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 Pharping hosts the Asura caves, which has served as an abode for holy men since ancient times. This is the place where the sage Padmasambhava (the founder of Tibetan Buddhism) attained enlightenment: 

As it says in chapter five, the prayer requested by Nanam Dorje Dudjom, in 'The Prayer in Seven Chapters to Padmakara, the Second Buddha':


“In the rock cave of Yangleshö in Nepal,

You accomplished the practice of Yangdak, 'Essence of Great Bliss'

Liberating all obstacles and obstructors through Vajrakilaya;

And, in this sacred place you attained the siddhi of mahamudra:

To Dorje Tötreng Tsal, we pray!

To the Lotus-born Guru of Orgyen, we pray!

From “A Great Treasure of Blessings”.

The site is now surrounded by a monastery that is a popular place of retreat for Nepalis and visitors alike. The modest cave still exists and visitors are welcome to meditate and absorb the atmosphere of this powerful place

'Karma was an exceptional bridge to accessing local people's daily lives and taking us to spectacular places.'

Emma, South Africa

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'My sister met Karma 12 years ago & I am the fifth member of my family to trek with him. He truly is a wonderful guide.'

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