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Karma with Ama Dablam in view

Founder and Lead Guide

Namaste! I am Karma Renjen Lama, lead guide and founder of Our Insight Trekking Nepal. With over 20 years experience in the trekking industry working as a lodge owner, porter, cook, guide and tour operator, I opened this company at the request of many of my long-term clients.


Growing up in the small Himalayan village Thulo Syaphru, located in Langtang National Park, I am a member of one of the many Tibeto-Burmese language speaking ethnic groups that inhabit the mid and high hills of Nepal. My goal is to provide the best possible adventure, cultural exchange, and informative experience within this unique and beautiful part of the world. As an experienced professional in the tourism industry, a local to these hills, and a Lama (Buddhist priest), I aim to help clients achieve something more than just a hike in the mountains, an experience whose memories will last them a lifetime.


Please accept our offer to plan your holiday and welcome you to our home.



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Our guides

Our Guides

Our guides are fully qualified and authorised by the Ministry of Tourism Nepal. Collectively, they hold decades of experience exploring the hills and mountains across many regions of Nepal. We select our guides based not only on their knowledge of treks and trails but also on their ability to communicate, their organisational skills and genuine passion for showcasing the best experience to our clients. We also train young people who show passion and potential as guides to provide future opportunities for our youth.



Trekker and porter
Our porters

Our Porters

Most of our porters are poor agricultural farmers who have not had the chance to obtain education for themselves or venture far beyond the village life. With families to support and limited opportunity for work in the village, hiring a porter provides contributions directly to provide vital financial income for these families. Like you and me they simply want to provide their children with a good education and ensure that they have the best opportunities possible for their future. Many of you will have an opportunity to meet these families for yourself, especially trekking in the Langtang region.

We take pride in operating ethically and looking after our staff by:

• Paying fair wages

• Making sure porters are equipped with appropriate clothing & shoes for the high mountains

• Pastoral care for families, including health advice, education assistance and guidance

• Giving opportunity to poor people who show potential to earn an income and explore their country

• Giving trekkers some tips on how to take care of their porter on the trail



'Karma was an exceptional bridge to accessing local people's daily lives and taking us to spectacular places.'

Emma, South Africa

Poon Hill trek

'My sister met Karma 12 years ago & I am the fifth member of my family to trek with him. He truly is a wonderful guide.'

Andrew, New Zealand

Helambu trek

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