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With the help of some international friends we have conducted a number of projects over the last decade to support the community of Thulo Shyafru. As a practicing Lama and community leader, Karma feels a responsibility to support those beyond his own family to achieve education, health and a meaningful life. Growing up as a Yak farmer, with little education, he is passionate about the education of the future generation.


Dame's Story

Dame's father died when he was 11, leaving him and his handicapped mother in financial difficulty. Despite these challenges, he stayed in school, finishing year 10 with excellent results. With no senior high school in the village, and without the resources to study in the city, Dame's education would have ended.


Through financial support, and staying with Karma's family in Kathmandu, Dame was able to continue his education.  Afterwards, Dame returned to the village and was able to gain employment as a teacher in the local village primary school.

Dolma's Story

Married at 16, Dolma lived with her husband and two young children in a Yak house. For a number of years Dolma experienced medical issues, causing family disputes and discomfort. The family lacked money and basic medical knowledge to seek help. Finally, this culminated in losing her third child during pregnancy. Dolma began to bleed uncontrollably and the situation became life threatening.


With emergency personal and financial support Dolma was sent to hospital in Kathmandu, where a kidney larger than the size of an egg was removed. Today Dolma is strong, tenacious and an advocate for others to seek medical help.

Nima's Story

Nima and his family of 7 children lacked money and education. Working hard as a good porter when he could, there was just not enough to afford essentials like clothing and uniforms. The family was so ashamed of their appearance that they stopped sending the children to school.

We provided clothes, uniforms and books, lifting spirits and re-igniting engagement with education. The children continue their schooling and others in the community have continued support.

'Karma was an exceptional bridge to accessing local people's daily lives and taking us to spectacular places.'

Emma, South Africa

Poon Hill trek

'My sister met Karma 12 years ago & I am the fifth member of my family to trek with him. He truly is a wonderful guide.'

Andrew, New Zealand

Helambu trek

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